Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eye Surgery

   It is hard to try and give a quick explanation of the day's events. I mean, sure, parts of the day were awful: like when P woke up from surgery. We heard her screaming as the nurses frantically trying to restrain her, phrases such as, "She is so strong!", and such were heard through the locked door that separated us from the recovery room. When we were finally allowed in P fought me like a maniac. She seemed almost possessed and I could barely keep her from ripping her IV out and flailing out of my arms. A nurses assisted me in restraining her and after what seemed like an hour, she finally wore out (and additional dose of morphine kicked in) and relaxed into sleep in my arms. Oxygen masked placed near her as the combination of oxytocin and morphine can make one's O2 drop, and I held onto my sweet little girl and rocked her for a short while.
   But, like I said, that was just one small part of the day. I was thankful the anesthesia didn't make her feel ill and such, and her eye didn't really seem to bother her much. Now, on the 2nd day after her procedure, she seems like herself. And, she will have no memory of any of the preceding, and by God's grace, will have two perfectly functioning eyes that work well together.


  1. She looks just as you did after surgery 29 years ago. Give her about 2 weeks and she'll look OK. Beware of taking her out in public. I had horrid stares like I had abused you. She still looks precious. Mom

  2. Wow - the same day! I thought there would be some stay over. Amazing. Her eyes look beautiful! Way to go getting through all the flailing - I would have been a mess. You're such a good mama, Giz!

    Keep the photos coming!

  3. I know, isn't it crazy! I kind of felt shuffled out of the recovery room, too, once all was calm. It reminded me of when I first brought C home from the hospital: you look at the nursing staff and just want to say, "Seriously? Are you sure about this? I don't think I'm ready! I need your help!"

    And I shed many tear that morning. I held myself together until the nurse took her away to the OR and I started to cry as we went out to the waiting room. But, thank you, Lori.