Thursday, July 1, 2010

All Done

P is back from her day of needles, magnets, and sedation. Yay! Such a "simple" event for an adult can sure be a complex, time-consuming procedure for a little kid. Wow. Worst part was insertion of the IV. Her little chubby arms made it difficult to insert the IV and she got quite upset, even with a relaxation drug and the numbing cream. Best part was holding her for a couple hours as we waited for the majority of the sedation medication to wear off. I couldn't WAIT to get my arms around her when she come in on her stretcher. And, I made it until her eyes closed before the tears started to stream down my cheeks. I was trying my hardest to wait and cry until the doc and nurse were out of the room, but I didn't make it. The doc was amazing, though, and even encouraged me to give her a little kiss before they rolled her out of the room.

P is still stumbling around and so we will spend the rest of the day watching movies as P can hardly walk yet. Oh, and the other two had an ABSOLUTE blast w/our amazing babysitter. Very thankful.

Oh, and another add-on. Poor husband is in excruciating pain. He almost threw up on the ride home. We like to keep it crazy here!

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