Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning: Sleds

Brian and I have been keeping Christmas morning very simple, for a variety of reasons. One is our budget, another our children are still very young, and another being that we are still developing our traditions and feeling out what we want. There is so much food and activity at my in-laws that we have a simple celebration here at home on Christmas Eve, before we head out to NJ. We are thinking we might really celebrate the New Year with the kids and make that extra special: yummy food, games, maybe watch part of a movie and such? Still brainstorming...

We did get the kids a "big" gift this year: sleds! Here are a few photos from the reveal. I would have loved to get one classic wooden sled for them all to share, but could only find the cheaper plastic versions. However, since they didn't cost a lot I was able to get one for each, and as long as they hold up over time, maybe it was for the best? Oh, and we got some snow the day after Christmas, so we were able to try them out yesterday. A LOT of fun! Having grown up in Oklahoma, I actually have no memories of sledding. The little hill in our backyard that is hell to mow in the summer, has redeemed itself by being a nice sledding hill for the preschool age children.

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