Friday, December 17, 2010


  We do many things for a lesson. Over half the lesson is going over the calendar, a new number (we are adding a new straw to our box everyday until we reach 100), and reading and writing. Well, learning to read and learning to write. My favorite part of the lesson is when we get to our theme of the current 6 day topic study. This is also when science, history, math, and reading comprehension is "taught".  This week is all about cows. And, within that we have read a book about a dairy farm, another book on the seasons on a farm, looked in the encyclopedia about cattle, learned that as Christians we are to read God's Word as it helps us to grow spiritualy as milk helps our body to grow physically, acted out Hey Diddle, Diddle with our stuffed animals, and just today we had a dairy party using food we brainstormed yesterday were made from dairy products.

  One of the other activities this week was to learn about how butter is made from cream. So, I put on some music and we all shook a qt jar filled with some cream until it (almost) turned into butter. This took over twenty minutes! My arms were burning and I was begging the kids to shake more by the 20 minute mark (with a gentle reminder about the Little Red Hen story haha). When they and I couldn't shake anymore, I finished the process in the mixer. Yep, we totally cheated the process a bit.


  1. Wow, something I've always wanted to do. Was it good?