Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9th Anniversary

Brian and I decided last year that for our anniversary every year, among other things, we wanted to include our children in the celebration. We figure this is a good opportunity to celebrate being a family. The relationship Brian and I share is the foundation of our family and every June 23rd, we would include our kids in remembering our day in a fun way. Last year was a dinner from our favorite local take-out food establishment: utterly amazing, mouth-watering BBQ. This year, we purchased a fire pit and made s'mores and the kids and Brian ran around and caught lightening bugs once it was dark.

I know the kids don't completely grasp the concept of what their parents' anniversary means, but I hope they feel it in the security of the love and commitment Brian and I have with one another. I'm happy to share in the fact, that every year on June 23, my absolute devotion to Brian.

And now some photos for the grandparents!

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  1. I LOVE the pictures and I love that you share your anniversary with the kids.