Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MRI Details

So, tomorrow morning this time P and I will be on our way to her MRI. The difficult part is the no food or drink for 6 hours before her test. Thankfully, I got an early appointment and so I'm hoping everyone sleeps in a bit and I can move P from the crib to her car seat. The world's best babysitter will then arrive and watch the other two kiddos (who get more excited to see her than they ever have me, which makes me so happy they are so happy).

At the imagining center they leave an hour to prepare P for the MRI. They will give her a drink to relax her, and then some cream for the IV site to help numb her (why don't they offer this to adults???). The MRI takes about an hour and then they told me it is an 1-2 hour recovery. 4 event in total (not counting the hour drive to and fro).

I'm hoping I can hold myself together for all of this. I can be a little dramatic, as you are all aware. Not to mention I have anxiety related to medical situations and procedure. After all, I am the same individual that started having regular contractions from sheer anxiety when I was only 20 weeks along because I was in the hospital. Which won me an overnight stay in the hospital. All to say, watching medical procedures performed on my children are more difficult for me than having them done to myself. Thus, the headaches I've been fighting ever since I scheduled P's procedure.

But, I've continued to pray and try and trust God. And that is what I'll focus on today.

Oh, and did I mention Brian gets a wisdom tooth pulled later this morning? I don't know when we've had such a busy week.

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  1. You can do it. Every mother goes thru the same anxieties.