Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In My Dreams

As you may know, I am in love with photography. Sometimes I wish that I could have gone to school for it, apprenticed with a great photographer, collected expensive equipment, and such. But, would I trade my current life for those set of circumstances? Heck no.

That said, though, in spare moments (besides other spare moments when I'm reading about homeschooling, gardening, diseases, and such haha) I read photography books, day dream about being a great photographer (okay, so I don't daydream so much about being a great photographer. I sometimes hope I can be one, but I thought it sounded better if I stuck a few thoughts about photography together with a comma), and love to talk to my hobbiest friends about the craft. An awesome set of friends who have a photography business have let me tag along to a couple weddings and be a 2nd shooter, of sorts (more like the dorky novice scurrying to be helpful). The first wedding I took absolutely atrocious photos. The second wedding I did a much better job. I'm not sure the ethics of me posting any wedding photos and so I'll stick to a photo without people. I was in heaven the whole day of the wedding this past Saturday. I can honestly say I love photography. I love capturing moments in time. I find it allows me a creativity that I am unable to express otherwise. The best part of a photographing a wedding, is that for a novice photographer, it is such an ego trip. I heard this statement a couple times, "Photographer! Take our picture?!" People referred to me as a photographer (complete strangers) and were practically BEGGING me to take their photos! Er, asking me nicely.

I'm not sure where this passion will ever take me. But, I'm thankful for my kids who don't mind my shutter clicking habits as well as some good friends who indulge my presence in their serious business and livelihood.

And I still have a migraine, despite my efforts to think about other things. See, even on this subject I can't stop thinking about "it"! The worst part about it is that I know this test isn't a big deal. I think I'll have to continue to take my neighbor's advice and continue to pray and trust.

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